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Animal Health Care

To contribute towards having healthy animals and improved access to animal healthcare in Arusha.


Why It Matters

ASPA has been providing animal health care services since 1997. These services have filled a much needed gap among local community in Arusha who lack access and resources to provide the requisite health care for their animals. ASPA has also engaged in rescuing of animals and control of stray animals. The main focus has been on Dogs, Donkeys and Cats.

There is however greater demand for such services than ASPA and other animal welfare actors have been able to meet. The problem is especially acute in rural areas. In order to address both the current unmet demand and the increasing number of domesticated animals in Arusha ASPA has prioritized animal health care as one of the core programs especially targeting rural communities.

How We Do It

ASPA is expanding and strengthening the current healthcare programmes and initiating new ones with special emphasis on quality animal health systems and services to rural communities in Arusha. This is done through;

Doubling number of clients served by ASPA healthcare services;

We do this in three ways. First by increasing the number of community outreach programs conducted every week so each team can reach more people than they do currently. Second is to acquire an additional car and equipment so that we have at least two teams for outreach work. Lastly is by increasing the number of clients we serve in our center.

Adaptation of new technology and improved techniques in ASPA animal healthcare services;

ASPA strives to ensure use of updated technology that ensures animal welfare. This focuses on promoting good harness for donkeys, traction, knells for dogs and cats as well as animal transportation. On the other hand ASPA keeps track and update the technology used from time to time in the provision of the ASPA health care services.

Introducing new services in ASPA health care program;

We have resumed neuter and spaying services for dogs and cats. We will also introduce new services including cat and dog breeding, temporary and permanent re-homing services, manufacturing of donkey harness and training of both government and private veterinians on quality animal health services provision.

Increasing partnership and collaboration with other private animal welfare practitioners; :

In implementing this, ASPA works closely with other stakeholders including both government and  private veterinarians and para-veterinarians to offer services to communities. The aim is to ensure that quality and affordable services are available to community without interfering with the legitimate source of income for veterinarians and para-veterinarians. ASPA mainly targets communities that can’t afford services of private vets. ASPA also seeks to promote affordable/subsidized services in partnership with the private vets especially in rural areas.

Key Outputs

  • ASPA has strengthened ongoing programmes/ services; vaccination, de-worming, improving traction, loading and harnessing, basic veterinary care and small animals birth control programs(ABC-neuter/spaying)
  • ASPA has resumed old programmes and initiate new programmes/ services; neuter and spaying, animal rescuing (dogs and cats), dog and cat breeding, part time/ permanent re-home (adoption), donkey-harness materials manufacturing
  • Geographical coverage for ASPA healthcare outreach programs to rural communities; Dog dip, Vaccination, De-worming and Water blocks.

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